The job "Home Inspection"

Many people when they first meet me wonder how I got into this business, and I'll touch on that later. Now I want to tell you WHY. First, my background pointed me in this direction, second, I love to help people and that is what this job is all about.

Most people think a home inspection is just one more expense in the process of buying a home, until they have one. I love the feeling I get when the inspection is over and people then realize what an educational experience it was. We may have found some real problems, or even better, found none. My clients always find out valuable information they can use for years to come. You will find a "HOME INSPECTION" to be one of the best "VALUES" you ever bought.

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All about the EXPERIENCE of the owner, Bruce Platine

My father brought me to work today, I was eight. Jimmy, (the head framer) teased me that I would not go on the roof where they were laying new asphalt shingles. Bernie, the electrician was daring me to touch the hot (black Wire) wire to prove my manhood. The septic tank had just been lowered into place, and it was my job to put asphalt tar on the joint between the two sections. (I don't know how all that tar got on me.) Bobby (the plumber) was here to attach the cast iron waste line from the house to the tank. He let me put the solid lead into the ladle, as it melted, I watched Bobby pack the joint with oakum so the liquid lead would not leak. Finally!!! I could hear the loud roar of the huge caterpillar D/8, which was here to start the new road. Charlie let me sit on the leather arm rest. I was hooked.

I was always going to be a builder and pursued those interests at all times. I considered it my duty to know and inspect the subcontractors' jobs. I am sure I drove many crazy with my constant questions. After school, weekends, and summers were spent on the job either performing my own task or working and learning with a contractor from concrete to heating, plumbing, electrical finish, tile, to insulation. The light goes on. I loved it. Although my mechanical drafting teacher did not appreciate it, I spent my time studying design and drafting single family houses. After high school I passed the test for design and installation of septic systems for the Nashoba Board of Health, as well as the installers permit for and Acton, Sudbury....I knew local building codes inside and out.

I started "Olde Traditional Homes Inc." at age 20. I designed and built homes for seven years. I had rough and finish carpentry, painting, and landscaping crews that I trained and maintained. I was very much a "hands on" builder doing much of the work and overseeing all the subcontractors' work.

In 1976 my parents started a "Home Inspection" business, which I joined in 1978. I became a full ASHI member by September 5, 1981. I have been a full time "Home Inspector" since 1978 and have done approximately 7000 paid ASHI inspection. I have attended several ASHI educational conventions and seminars knowing ongoing education is a must. I served two years on the national ASHI membership committee. With my background, ASHI education, and 5000 inspections in my resume I hope you understand why I think you will benefit from having me perform your "Home Inspection".